Tiffany Lewis Branding Session

Tiffany Lewis



I Tiffany Lewis, am the owner of Children’s Ark Creative Learning Center. I am a wife and mother of three boys. The childcare facility started in 2014 when I had to make the hard decision to send my children to daycare and after several tours to different daycares, I was not satisfied with what I have seen. I quit my job and started my own home daycare that blossomed into a childcare facility after 2 years.

Recognize that children are best understood and supported in the context of family, culture, community, and society. Respect the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each individual (child, family member, and colleague). Respect diversity in children, families, and colleagues.

Meet Our Staff

Ms. Bri has been with Children’s Ark Creative Learning Center for seven years. She started as an assistant teacher and worked her way up to the director. She has her associate’s degree in Early Childcare Education and over seven years of experience. The childcare director is responsible for the planning and supervision of the program and activities of the children; orientation to newly employed staff; on-site supervision of all staff; communicating with parents, and in-service training.

Tiffany Lewis Branding Session

Ms. Briana Fitzgerald


Core Values


Our missions to provide childcare that promotes happy, healthy, creative, learning, and quality childcare.


Our vision is to be the recognized leader in providing the best care for infants, toddlers, preschool, and school age children. Known for our exceptional educational programs, talented teams, and community relationships, we pride ourselves on our unique blend of fun and learning in a safe and nurturing environment.


I believe that each child is an individual and as an educator, I will value and develop each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities and knowledge to extend their learning. I believe that children learn through play.